What Is The Journey of IsaJennie?

A journey can be many things: a voyage, a spiritual endeavor, an American rock band that’s played at weddings…

I once spent a 13 hour flight to China trapped in coach in the window seat next to a sleepy sweet couple who unfortunately didn’t speak English. It was the flight from Hell. I asked for water and somehow was brought jasmine tea instead, which i promptly spilled all over myself and my blanket. I had to go to the bathroom every hour it seemed. When I finally succumbed to sleep, I was awoken to a banana in my face and a container of blueberry yogurt on my tray table. When I managed to wrestle the container of yogurt open, it exploded in my eye. For some reason, I smelled like blueberry yogurt all the rest of that day.

The journey of IsaJennie is, thankfully, nothing like my journey to China. This journey is both personal, as I attempt to document my life with chronic illnesses and multiple disabilities, and educational, as I try to try to teach others the things I have learned about social justice, feminism, Disability, rainbow rights, and other topics…sometimes we will be learning together.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 1.54.38 PM

I hope you’re looking forward to this experience as much as I am and I hope you’ll join me on the journey!



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